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The Health Informatics program was introduced at the College of Applied Medical Sciences at King Faisal University in 2019 to become a distinguished program contributing to the realization of Vision 2030. Spanning four years, it includes a practical training year in carefully selected hospitals and health institutions. The program's objectives, courses, training activities, and extracurricular work aim to prepare knowledgeable and highly trained professionals capable of analyzing, designing, developing, selecting, and managing modern health information systems.

This program equips students with the necessary human knowledge, technical skills, and ethical values to excel in health data coding, privacy preservation, system security, medical records management, health knowledge management, and improving service quality within healthcare organizations. Moreover, it introduces the fundamental principles of health policy-making, strategic planning, and applies modern management theories and practices in healthcare.

Our Vision:

To be a leading department in the field of Health Informatics locally by offering high-quality educational programs, research contributions, and impactful community engagements.

Our Mission:

To actively participate in the national digital health transformation programs by preparing the next generation of Health Informatics specialists equipped with knowledge, skills, and capabilities for conducting relevant scientific research, and ready to engage in Saudi community health digitalization activities.

Program Objectives:

Contribute effectively to the national plans aimed at developing the healthcare sector and digital transformation.

Produce distinguished research and studies in health informatics.

Strengthen King Faisal University's role in meeting the Kingdom's needs for Health Informatics specialists.

Contribute to programs aiming to increase technology utilization in healthcare.

Participate in harnessing information systems to enhance quality and reduce waste in the healthcare sector.

Support health organizations with competent capacities to deal with growing responsibilities and challenges.

Employment Opportunities:

Graduates of this program have diverse job opportunities in public and private hospitals, laboratories, research centers, international organizations, insurance companies, including roles such as:

  1. Health Information Systems Specialist

  2. Clinical Data Manager

  3. Health Informatics Project Manager

  4. Health Data Analyst

  5. Manager of Health Sites and Portals

  6. Researcher in Health Research Centers

  7. Health Information and Data Consultant

  8. Health Information Coding Specialist

  9. Quality and Development Manager in Health Organizations

Faculty Members

The Curriculum

Contact Us:

Department Coordinator: Ms. Rawan Al Mansour

Phone: +9661358988269