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  • The nursing field serves as the vital nerve center in managing operations within healthcare institutions and providing care to patients, bolstering support for physicians and specialists. Recent times have witnessed a surge in demand for nursing-related positions, exacerbated by the COVID-19 crisis, leading to increased patient numbers. The Master's program in Nursing Science (Nurse Educator Track) at King Faisal University is an academic and professional program aimed at elevating healthcare standards in the Kingdom by producing highly competent nursing educators and certified trainers.

    This program supports specialized Bachelor's programs while enhancing core skills for nurse educators through facilitating learning, learner development, socialization, implementing assessment strategies, and curriculum design and evaluation for students and trainees. Core advanced courses provide fundamental knowledge, while specialization courses in nursing education offer modern curricula and essential skills and knowledge qualifying nurse educators.

    The Master's in Nurse Education program at King Faisal University comprises 42 accredited academic hours designed to equip students with essential knowledge, skills, experiences, and ethical values necessary for nursing education practice. Students can complete the program in two academic years full-time, with limited options for some remote course completion.

    Upon program completion, graduates are qualified for diverse roles and environments, such as:

    • Nursing Education Consultant

    • Nursing Education Leader

    • Academic Nurse Educator / Clinical Instructor / University Nursing Education Teacher

    • Nurse Educator in various clinical settings

    • Community Health Leader

    • Continuing Education Training Coordinator

    • Clinical Facility Education Coordinator

    • Professional Development Nursing Specialist

    • Nursing Curriculum Coordinator

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