King Faisal University

College of Applied Medical Sciences

The College of Applied Medical Sciences places special emphasis on student activities encompassing scientific, professional, cultural, sports, national, religious, recreational, creative, and health-related aspects. The college administration and committee members strongly believe that the academic community is an active unit functioning interactively and in complete harmony to reinforce teamwork culture and enhance various aspects of student life. These activities receive generous support from the college administration and engage faculty members. They focus on developing students' talents, honing their abilities, enhancing their readiness for the job market, adapting to the work environment, and dealing with life challenges in general.

To contribute to students' preparedness for the job market, the committee collaborates with the Student Affairs Deanship. This collaboration ensures that students receive a certified certificate outlining their skills portfolio, encompassing training courses, workshops, leadership roles, and voluntary work they have participated in. Under the management of the Student Activities Committee, there is an elected Student Council and several student clubs. They aim to enhance student participation in achieving the committee's goals.

College clubs:

Student Council

CAMS Circles Club

Talent Club

Volunteering Club

Student Activities Report 1441-1442