King Faisal University

College of Arts

 College profile

Faculty of Arts one of the newest university colleges, its opening was approved on 10/7/1429 H, and the study began in the first semester of the academic year 1430/1431 H.

The Faculty of Arts seeks to be a new tributary to King Faisal University, brick in this edifice to contribute to the completion of the renaissance of this blessed country by the supply of specialized manpower needs in various fields.

The college figured out that students are the first criterion, and serving the nation and Islam is the intent, and the establishment of a generation capable of serving his society is required to enable the University to fulfill its duty to serve the nation.

So university's vision came to reveal their aspirations, which were "to achieve leadership and excellence at the local, regional and international level in the field of Arts and Islamic studies, social sciences and strengthen the culture and originality of the Muslim community, and promote the dialogue of cultures".

The college carried a message that reflects this overall vision which is "Preparing competencies characterized by giving and creativity in the fields of specialization and enriching the innovative scientific research supported with post-graduate programs and contribute to serve community with the highest standards of quality."

Have sought to set objectives to achieve this, which are:

• Build unique competencies in the specializations of the college able to adapt to the latest local and international developments.

• Linking the community with its diverse heritage, culture, and other cultures is defined to support positive interactions with them.

• Seeking to influence the international cultural product and enriching it.

 Improving the scientific research in the areas of specialization and employing it in the treatment of problems efficiently.

 The preparation of researchers in the areas of specialization, have the skills of scientific, constructive, and critical thinking.

 Strengthen the cooperation with local and regional communities, developing it and meeting its needs of knowledge.

 The undertaking of the requirements of development through the qualitative development of curricula and specialized programs.

To achieve these objectives the college has sought to rely on an integrated study approach, which its most important criteria are:

-       Distribution of courses on the requirements of the University, then the college requirements, and then the requirements of scientific specialization.

-       The adoption of the packages and fields system in the College requirements and the specialization requirements.

-       The adoption of the total number of units is (132) credit hours divided between (8) credit hours to the University, (44) hours to the requirements of the college and the rest to the specialty.

-       The adoption of the system of compulsory and optional courses.

-       Emphasize the importance of English language and computer skills.

-       Distribution of courses on eight levels.

-       Adoption of the first year as a preparatory year common to all specializations in the college where the student is taught only the requirements of the university or college.

-       Emphasis on creative courses and compatibility with the nation's constants and its values.

Departments of the college:

The College of Arts includes - in its current state - four sections, namely: Department of Islamic Studies, the Arabic Language Department, the Department of English Language, and the Department of Social Sciences, includes six programs in total, while the final section includes three programs: history, sociology, and Service Social, geography and geographic systems, and soon two sections will join it: Department of Communication Information Technology, and Department of Libraries and information.

Terms of joining programs of the Faculty of Arts:

Accepting a new student at the university requires the following:

  1. The applicant should have a Saudi Secondary School Certificate or its equivalent from inside or outside the Kingdom.
  2. He gets the Secondary School Certificate or its equivalent for not more than five years. The University Council may make exceptions to this requirement if there are good reasons.
  3. Must be of good conduct and behavior.
  4. Must successfully pass any test or personal interview the University Council requires.
  5. Be medically fit.
  6. To get approval from his job to study if he works in any governmental or private entity.
  7. To satisfy any other conditions determined by the University Council, at the time of submission.

Hours of study in college

This study begins in college at seven and a half morning and continues at eight in the evening for male students, and five in the evening for female students.