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Program description 2014
Program annual report 2014
Quality Management System QMS version 1.2

Training programs in Arabic and English
For the first semester of the academic year 1435 AH - 1436 AH
no.dateprogramlanguagePlaceCityFees are per personSpecial conditions
1Wednesday and Thursday / 15-16 Dhu al-Qa'dah / Corresponding to September 10-11Measurement of Learning OutcomesEnglishRiyadhMakarem Riyadh Hotel / Makarem Hotel6,100 riyals 
2Wednesday and Thursday / 22-23 Dhul-Qi'dah / Corresponding to September 17-18Quality assurance and program evaluationArabicRiyadhMakarem Riyadh Hotel / Makarem Hotel4,000 riyals 
3Wednesday and Thursday / 28-29 Dhu al-Hijjah / Corresponding to October 22-23The quality of administrative work in higher education institutionsArabicRiyadhMakarem Riyadh Hotel / Makarem Hotel4,000 riyalsFor administrators or faculty members who undertake administrative work
4Tuesday Thursday / 11-13 Muharram 1436 AH / Corresponding to November 4-6Qualification of auditorsArabicJeddahElaph Red C / Elaf Red Sea Mall HotelFreeSorting the nominations from the Authority according to the attached form
5Wednesday and Thursday / 26-27 Muharram / Corresponding to November 19-20Program descriptionArabicJeddahElaph Red C / Elaf Red Sea Mall Hotel4,000 riyals 
6Sunday and Monday / 8-9 Safar / Corresponding to November 30 - December 1Risk Management PlanningEnglishRiyadhMakarem Riyadh Hotel / Makarem Hotel6,100 riyalsFor senior leaders and those responsible for strategic planning
7Wednesday and Thursday / 11-12 Safar / Corresponding to December 3-4Performance indicators and benchmarkingArabicKhobarPark Inn Hotel4,000 riyals 
8Sunday - Wednesday / 01-04 Safar / Corresponding to November 23-26External Reviewers TrainingEnglishRiyadhMakarem Riyadh Hotel / Makarem HotelFreeSorting the nominations from the Authority according to the attached form
9Wednesday and Thursday / 25-26 Safar / Corresponding to December 17-18Course descriptions and reportsArabicJeddahElaph Red C / Elaf Red Sea Mall Hotel4,000 riyals 
10Wednesday and Thursday / 2-3 Rabi’ al-Awwal / December 24-25Self-study of the programArabicRiyadhMakarem Riyadh Hotel / Makarem Hotel4,000 riyals