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King Faisal University

About the department :

The school of Business was established in 1984 to include the Department of Economics as a serving department for other specialized departments in the college. Since, in its early stages, the Department of Economics has actively participated in the various stages of development, whether at the school level or at the university level, by teaching economics courses, both theoretical and applied, and by actively participating in the various committees and work teams of the school and University. In 2010, the College Council approved the Bachelor's Program in Business Economics in the Department of Economics. Due to the importance of the energy sector in the economy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Department of Economics has set up a master's program in energy economics.

All this represents a new start for the Department of Economics at King Faisal University. The faculty members of the Department of Economics have also contributed to the completion of advanced-level scientific researches approved by the Deanship of Scientific Research at the University, in order to serve the University and society. The members of the Economics Department participated in a number of consultations for the benefit of government and private institutions, in addition to participating in the seminars and conferences locally and internationally. 

Vision :

Within the framework of community partnership and through the excellence in education, scientific research, and leadership, the Department of Economics looks forward to graduating students specialized in business economics, with high qualifications to make the right decisions in the light of accurate understanding and optimal use of local and global economic indicators and their effects on the business environment.

 Mission :

The Department of Economics is working to achieve its vision through an ambitious program of specialization in business economics, which provides students with a theoretical and applied background in various areas of economics based on the quantitative analytical approach, which qualifies them to perform their administrative tasks in private and governmental institutions to serve the local and regional community partnership.

Objectives :

The main objectives of the Economics Department are :

-          Building the student's scientific and practical personalities and developing their research abilities using scientific methods.

-          Conveying modern knowledge related to the specialization of business economics and empowering students scientifically and practically in terms of being able to use methods of analysis, independent thinking, and deduction methods.

-          Contributing to filling the needs of the Saudi labor market in the field of business economics in the theoretical and professional aspects.

-          Developing applied and quantitative skills in the field of business economics.