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King Faisal University

The Department of Management Information Systems was established according to the decision of the Supreme Council of the University in its twentieth session held on 07/30/1404 AH, and the study was organized with it at the beginning of the first semester of the year 1404/1405 AH. The department applies international quality standards in designing its academic programs, as it seeks to provide students with knowledge of how to invest information technology to support, coordinate, analyze and control administrative decisions. The department is still academically supervising female students of the College of Applied Studies and Community Service in the "Computer and Information Systems" program. The department is currently working on developing a postgraduate program, which is expected to be launched in 2021-2022 AD, and is working to obtain Saudi academic accreditation NCAAA


“To be a recognized as a prominent MIS department in education, research, and community service at the local and regional levels.”


“Preparing distinguished graduates with managerial and technical skills to provide business solutions, contributing to scientific research in the field, and developing community partnership.”


• To prepare graduates with managerial and technical skills who can develop solutions in a dynamic business environment.

• To build a research environment where faculty and students produce cutting edge research in their area of interest and contribute to literature.

• To offer academic programs that are accredited by local and international accrediting institutions.

• To foster the awareness of professional ethics concerning learning and practice among the students and faculty.

• To provide a high-quality learning environment by offering state-of-the-art programs and computer aided teaching.

• Consolidating the relationship with local and international organisations to exchange academic and professional experiences.