Tuesday 06/10/1442 - 18/05/2021

College of Clinical Pharmacy



Roles and Responsibilities:

·         Assess, review and report on the COCP functions in relation to the accreditation standards of the accreditation body/agency (NCAAA, CCAPP or ACPE)

·         Compile Self Study Report, involving all the faculty, student and administration representatives.

·         Discuss the report at faculty forum for feedback for approval

·         Collect and document systematically,  all the relevant evidences

·         Prepare and submit all the documents as required by the accreditation agency

·         Get the report and evidences  verified by the internal and external reviewers, prior to submission of application to the accrediting body. .

·         Review the recommendations of the reviewers for   incorporation or response

·         Keep close liaison with Director Quality Assurance Unit, heads of all COCP Committees and Academic and Administrative Departments and recommend appropriate amendments for improvement in functions and resources to fulfill the standards of accrediting body.  

·         Apply for accreditation on prescribed forms and submit all the required supporting document documents to the accrediting agency

·         Organize the visit schedules for the CCAPP team

·         Follow up with the Team recommendations, If any