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King Faisal University

College of Clinical Pharmacy

Roles and Responsibilities:

               ·         The committee is responsible for taking the necessary measures to initiate and develop the 

                   OSCE as an assessment tool for the clinical performance of COCP students prior to 

                   and during the APPE program as well as in selected pharmacy practice courses.

               ·         The committee will assist in development of test blue print and will approve it.

               ·         Co-ordinate with Curriculum Committee, Assessment Committee, and department 

                  heads for mapping and assessment of specific ILO’s being assessed through OSCE.

               ·         Approve the selection of the station developers, appointment of the examiners/assessors, 

                  and decisions about pass and fail criteria. 

               ·         Review, validate and approve the test stations for assessment of various skills.

               ·         Monitor and regulate the running of the exam, collect and analyze feedback from students.

               ·         Assign jobs to different faculty staff and employees for the preparation and running of the exam 


               ·         Recommend to Curriculum Development Committee for any required modifications in specific 

                  courses/experiential modules to adopt OSCE for assessment of clinical skills within the 

                  selected courses or experiential modules such as  IPPE or APPE rotations.

               ·         Any other responsibilities may arise or get assigned by the Dean​​