Saturday 09/02/1442 - 26/09/2020

College of Clinical Pharmacy

  • Assessment Committee
  • Members
  • Roles & Responsibilities
  • Activities

    Roles & Responsibilities:

    ·         Develop, manage and implement the assessment plan with time schedule/calendar for all assessment activities at  COCP

    ·         Define infrastructure and resources needed to manage implementation of the assessment plan.

    ·         Develop the assessment tools and guidelines to assess the achievement of the program terminal objectives and objectives of the  strategic plan (mission related areas) .

    ·         Analyze the assessment data to identify areas of improvement for COCP.

    ·         Develop feedback mechanisms to use results of findings in the assessment process for improvement.

    ·         Disseminate the assessment data appropriately through feedback to the administration, the academic departments  and committees.

    ·         Continuously review the assessment plan for improvement


    Some activities of Assessment Committee

    ·         Serve as advisor to the College  Council and faculty members on matters related to quality control of courses

    ·         Assess the results of comprehensive examination

    ·         Assist faculty in developing assessment tools for courses, laboratories or rotations

    ·         Conduct course/faculty evaluations each semester

    ·         Conduct periodic alumni and employer surveys

    ·         Conduct student surveys

    ·         Conduct other assessment activities as assigned

    ·         The Assessment Committee shall coordinate its activities with the Curriculum Committee.

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