Saturday 09/02/1442 - 26/09/2020

College of Clinical Pharmacy


Chair Of the Committee



Dr. Bander Aldhubiab

Coordinator of the Committee



Dr. Mahesh Attimarad




Dr. Nancy Safwat


Dr. Marvet El-Mostafa


Dr. Mohammed Morsy


Dr. Venugopala K. N                          


Mr. Mohammed Ahmed Shallak               


Dr. Anroop Nair


Ali Almubarak (1st Year student)


Hamza Alturif (2nd  Year student)


Ahmed Alshalla (3rd  Year student)


Hussain B Alshgab  (4th  Year student)


Lathifa (1st Year student)


Maram Abdullah Alorifan (2nd  Year student)


Elaf Al Mosoud (3rd Year student)


Zainab Turki (4th  Year student)

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