Tuesday 06/10/1442 - 18/05/2021

College of Clinical Pharmacy

Roles and Responsibilities

·         Studying college department’s needs, laboratories and classrooms and giving the priority for the best investment of the budget in the college.

·         Suggesting a mechanism to contribute the budget and its allocations to all departments in the college with taking in consideration the number of students and available devises in the different laboratories in the college.

·         Recommending to increase the allocation for some departments or reducing it according to what the committee has datum according to the number of offered courses and the number of lab lessons and training needs.

·         Assessing the budget that is offered by the university administration and measuring the scope of compatibility with the academic plans requirements and providing the assessment results to the committee of development and quality assurance once the college self-study is done.

·         Reviewing the referred documents from the dean’s office to give opinion and necessary recommendation in this regard.