King Faisal University

College of Clinical Pharmacy

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Mohamed Mukhtar

Educational Qualification
Dept. of Pharmacy Practice
Clinical lecturer
Academic Rank
966-552421072 +

Dr. Mohamed Mukhtar Eltegani graduated from Faculty of Pharmacy, Al Ahliyya Amman  University, Jordan with a B.Sc. Degree in pharmaceutical sciences in 2002. Dr. Mohamed was  granted his MSc. in Clinical Pharmacy from the College of Pharmacy, University of Medical  Sciences and Technology, Sudan in 2013. He had worked as Hospital Pharmacist for 3 years  in Sudan Heart Centre. He served as Clinical Pharmacist in Radiation and Isotopes Center 

Khartoum (R.I.C.K) from August 2013 to August 2014. His main duties were supervising a  patient's inpatient chemotherapy 

administration as well as providing pharmaceutical care for  patients receiving their chemotherapy. Dr. Mohamed has also participated in producing  (R.I.C.K) regular newsletter. He had worked for short period of time in Boots pharmacy,  Dubai, UAE. Currently, he is teaching Pharmaceutical care 2, Pharmaceutical care 3 and  Internal Medicine rotation of APPE at College of Clinical Pharmacy, King Faisal University, KSA.