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King Faisal University

College of Clinical Pharmacy

 Content Editor

Dr. Amal Abu Alhommos

Pharmacy:Educational Qualification
​Dept. of Pharmacy Practice
Lecturer:Academic Rank

,Amal K. Abualhommos holds a Bachelor degree in Pharmacy from College of Pharmacy
Jordanian University of Science and Technology, 2002. Dr. Amal Abualhommos
.completed his master degree in Jordanian University of Science and Technology, 2004
.Her major research of interest is Internal Medicine, Ambulatory Care and Pharmacy practice


:Most recent publications

1)  Huda Ali Alqadi PharmD and Dr. Amal Abu Alhomos MS.c Clinical PharmacistIntentions and barriers to carrying out medical research among clinical pharmacystudents: Across -sectional study in eastern region of Saudi Arabia. Journal of Pharmacyand Bioallied Science. 2020;12(40):482-488