Tuesday 10/10/1441 - 02/06/2020

College of Clinical Pharmacy



Experiential Education Modules of Pharm D Program:

·      IPPE-1 (Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience) Community Pharmacy

·      IPPE-2 (Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience) Institutional Pharmacy

·      APPE (Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience)


Roles and Responsibilities


            Selection of program site and Training of preceptors:

·         Survey and search for prospective experiential program sites for above programs, for both male and female students according to increasing number of the students

·         Visit the prospective sites and introduce the objectives and activities of the program to get the approval from the site administrator, well before time

·         Work for making contracts with the program sites, according to the University rules and regulations

·         Make recommendations for all the above to the Dean for approval and for future planning

·         Design and implement orientation and training program for new/prospective preceptors, from COCP or from external sites


Selection of Students and orientation:

·      Draw up the uniform criteria for Students selection for placement at different sites, according to University guidelines or College rules and regulation for APPE,

·      Implement Selection criteria with firm and fair policy

·      Arrange orientation for each experiential education program for the target students, well in time

·      Hold an orientation for internal preceptors regarding outcome oriented experiential training, monitoring and assessment of students during the program


Selection of Program supervisor for each training program during summer semester During Training (for each program supervisor):

·            Monitor student punctuality and regularity, and professional behavior

·            Motivate the students for active learning during the program

·            Monitor the achievement of training specific objectives as designed by the relevant academic department, in collaboration with the preceptor

·            Allocate any training specific assignment to the students and arrange for follow-up evaluation (presentation in the college) after training.

·            Monitor the implementation of the assessment program of the specific training, if applicable.

·            Collect the final assessment of the trainee from the site preceptor

·             Write and submit report to the Head of Committee after completion of Experiential Education Program (summer training), consisting of student results and recommendations for  improvement of the program

·            Execute any other experiential/clinical program, as suggested by the College Academic Council/Academic Department  and approved by the Dean

·            Assist the Department of Pharmacy Practice in compilation and printing of APPE  and IPPE manuals, and their review, based upon feedback from students and stakeholders, and recent advances in Pharmacy Practice.

·            Initiate and maintain liaison with all training sites (hospitals) in the Al-Ahsa region, and assist these in the provision of clinical pharmacy services to the community by appointing clinical staff at the site.