Sunday 08/03/1442 - 25/10/2020

College of Clinical Pharmacy

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  • Facilities

      In order to provide the encouraging scientific learning environment and to achieve the highest quality of standards, we have done following things:  

    §  10 Classrooms are equipped with various means of advanced education, and designated to increase comprehension and understanding.

    §  8 Student labs and special research laboratory designed and equipped with state of the art modern equipment.

    §  College library for faculty members and students contains more than 250 books and CD programs, in addition to subscription  to more than 12 scientific journals.

    §  Formulations Museum

    §  Computer lab

    §  Restrooms in male and female sections.

    §  Meeting room.

    §  Electronic display screens to view College's events in male and female sections.

    §  The college has provided desktop computers to all faculty members and administrative staff. The faculty members are provided with a Laptop computer in addition to a desktop computer.









































































































    Based on the recognition of the importance of the College of Clinical Pharmacy, the college got an approval to build a temporary building that follows the international specifications and standards. 

    The project of the temporary building occupies an area of about 17110 m2. This building includes 21 laboratories for the different college departments, 22 classrooms, 3 auditoria, a central library and a computer laboratory in addition to a typical animal house, offices and administrative and technical rooms.