Saturday 09/02/1442 - 26/09/2020

College of Clinical Pharmacy

 College Requirements

Criteria and Conditions of the Acceptance in the College of Clinical Pharmacy:

1. Getting a High School diploma (the scientific section) or equivalence from inside or outside the kingdom.

2. Getting a minimum score of 90% in the high school diploma.

3.  Getting not less than 90% in each of the following subjects: chemistry, physics, biology and mathematics.

4. Passing the placement examination, which will be organized by the National Center for Measurement and Evaluation.

5. Passing the learning ability evaluation test for medical colleges.

6. Passing the Professional Fitness Test.

7. The preference in the acceptance is for the graduates of the same year.

8. Should fulfill any other conditions announced by the University Council at the admission time.

The college follows the semester system and applies all other regulations set by the Supreme Council of Education.