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King Faisal University

College of Clinical Pharmacy

Members of the Field Training and Community Partnership Committee:

Dr.. Abdul Aziz Al-Mulhim, Chairman of the Committee
Dr.. Afzal Haq Asif is a member
Dr.. Ahmed Adel Ahmed is a member
Dr.. Al-Walid Al-Shafi’a is a member
Dr.. Karim Al-Fas is a member
Dr.. Sahar Ibrahim is a member
Dr.. Naseem Al-Suwailem, member
Dr.. Sarah Ibrahim Al-Amer, member
Dr.. Ali Al-Din is a member
Dr.. Dalia Al-Maghrabi is a member
Dr.. Fatima Al-Doughan, member
Mr. Abbas Al-Jarish, Secretary of the Committee

tasks of the Committee:
· Communicating with training authorities, introducing the objectives of the clinical training program, and working to conclude contracts in accordance with the university’s rules and regulations.

· Supervising the preparation and implementation of an integrated training program that enables the student to interact with the future work environment and deal with community members.

· Urging faculty members and students to actively participate in training programs, workshops and conferences held internally and externally.

· Follow up and evaluate students’ performance during the training period according to unified standards determined by the college’s regulations related to cooperative training.

· Monitoring the extent to which the specific training program objectives are achieved in cooperation with the relevant academic department and making recommendations that can contribute to the management of the training process.

· Organizing visits of delegations coming from or outside the Kingdom.
· Assist in preparing and printing introductory brochures about the nature and plan of the training programs.

· Introducing students to the career opportunities available to them after completing the training program.

· Polling the opinions of training supervisors, male and female, male and female students, and training entities about the progress of the training process.

· Assigning a group of faculty members to prepare lists of male and female trainees’ data, communicate with them, and provide them with information about the training program.

· Preparing an annual report on what was accomplished during the past year and writing future recommendations to improve and develop performance.

To view the field training booklet: Exp.Edu.Manua.Ver.2.5.May 2021.pdf
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