Tuesday 06/10/1442 - 18/05/2021

College of Clinical Pharmacy

  • Inter Professional Education Committee
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    Roles and Responsibilities:

    ·         Communicate with head/coordinator of each department for their needs for IPE in the courses  taught by the relevant  departments

    ·         Review all the IPE modules in Pharm D program, in collaboration with the Curriculum Development Committee and the instructors

    ·         Prepare a document as a practical plan for each course having  IPE modules for each semester, in collaboration with other health colleges for implementation:

    ·         Prepare/ propose a team of faculty members, from different health colleges and get their consent through proper channels, before beginning of semester.

    ·         Plan for resources like, venue, any special aids/simulation for the module, in consultation with faculty members from other program/programs

    ·         Prepare time schedule/exact place of the module within the program, with time and date in agreement with participating faculty members well before time

    ·         Prepare instructional and assessment strategies for the module, in consultation with other participating faculty members from other professions.

    ·         Plan for evaluation of the usefulness of the module in achievement of desired course and program terminal outcomes

    ·         Prepare a comprehensive courses evaluation report and submit to the Vice Dean Academic Affairs and Curriculum Development Committees

    ·         Provide input to the Curriculum Development Committee for design of common IPE courses for academic programs  of KFU health colleges

    ·         Ensure that IPE modules in Pharm. D. courses satisfy the standards of national and international accrediting bodies

    ·         Promote and advocate for change towards collaborative patient centered care by organizing presentations at various levels on the importance of Interprofessional Education

    ·         Facilitate practice-based interdisciplinary student and faculty research projects to highlight the importance of IPE and to advance knowledge across various health professions for improved patient care.

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