Wednesday 07/10/1442 - 19/05/2021

College of Clinical Pharmacy




The library section at the College of Clinical Pharmacy was established to fulfill the academic needs of the students and the faculty members within the College premises. Library Committee comprises of three faculty members, two from the male section while one member from the female section. The committee handles any external queries or collaboration regarding the library. Currently the college library does not have a direct collaboration with the central KFU Library; however communication and recommendations are done through the college administration.

 At present the library has more than 250 books on different subjects. There are 18 CD programs and a large storage space for these materials. Currently there are more than 12 journals which are subscribed by the college Library. The books are kept under lock and key. The students and faculty members can issue books from the library between 12:30PM to 1:30 PM Saturday through Wednesday. A faculty member can issue up to eight books at a time whereas a student is loaned only four books at a time. The faculty is expected to renew the books by returning the books to the library at least once a semester. The students are issued books initially for a period of two weeks whereupon they must renew the books or return the books. The damaged and lost books must be compensated by the guilty party. The books can be put on hold if requested ahead of time. Currently no facility is available for inter-library loan. The faculty and students are encouraged to contribute to the available book stock by donating personally subscribed journals or books.