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King Faisal University

College of Clinical Pharmacy


Roles and Responsibilities:

·         Initiate and recommend a clear policy as part of the COCP Recruitment Plan to the Dean for selection of faculty and staff, and their recommendations to the Deanship of Faculty Affairs, in compliance with University Faculty Recruitment and Selection Guidelines.

·         Collect staff and faculty requirements from different Departments with justification of the demand, before start of every semester.

·         Define required qualification and specify selection criteria, within University Guidelines.

·         Submit Position Vacancy Announcement to Deanship of faculty affairs after approval of the Dean for posting in University Position Vacancy Listing System on the KFU website

·         Design and apply screening, evaluation and short-listing criteria

·         Review applications of the candidates and seek for comments of the relevant departments for each applicants.

·         Develop interview questions for various positions

·         Conduct direct/online/tele-interviews of the shortlisted applicants.

·         Prepare the final merit list of applicants based on pre-defined criteria, after conduct of interview

·         Recommend final list to the Dean for approval and onward transmission to the KFU Deanship of Faculty Affairs for appointment

·         Maintain all recruitment and selection record, including all discipline-wise record of applications and resumes for future reference.

·         Prepare, maintain and regularly update data of potential applicants in each discipline, ready to join COCP at short notice