Wednesday 04/03/1442 - 21/10/2020

College of Clinical Pharmacy

  • Research and Laboratories Committee
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    Roles and Responsibilities

    ·         Initiate and recommend clear policy to the Dean for actions and strategies aiming at achievement of college strategic objectives in the area of research

    ·         Encourage  faculty members to submit grant proposals to DSR of KFU and external  funding organizations in the kingdom

    ·         Update the faculty members on research seminars/symposia being held nationally and international and encourage them to participate and present their research findings in such scientific meetings

    ·         Motivate students to participate in research activities and guide them in writing research proposal, if needed

    ·         Plan for and support authorship and translation activities in the college.

    ·         Assist college administration/activity committee for holding workshop/seminar

    ·         Work up for finding out the community related health issues and recommend these to the college faculty, to be addressed in research proposals  

    ·         Design an automation system for the college research database being available to the community (both professional and general) on college website as well as in print form as "College Research Handbook"

    ·         Encourage the faculty members to share their experience regarding research, with the community through publishing in the university magazine

    ·         Encourage research studies related to the Islamic orientation of health sciences.

    ·         Recommend the college administration, after discussion in the committee meeting for procurement of chemicals and instrument every year, based on the demands made by academic departments of the college for research and practical lab work for the students

    ·         Discuss the research related issues referred by the University administration, through the Dean and provide him positive feedback, as and when asked for.