Saturday 09/02/1442 - 26/09/2020

College of Clinical Pharmacy



Roles and Responsibilities:

·         Initiate, formulate and implement policy and procedures, with appropriate time frame for each step, for development of Strategic Plan

·         Discuss, reflect and record the current status, future trends, community needs and our situation regarding Pharmacy education

·         Review and finalize the college Vision and Mission based upon # 1, and that of the University

·         Gather data from SSR, students and faculty interviews and surveys, and feedback from stakeholders

·         Perform SWOT analysis

·         Define areas to be addressed in strategic Goals, and objectives, for fulfillment of the mission

·         Disseminate all the above data to the faculty, get feedback and make necessary amendments in the draft

·         Chalk out action plan for each objective/sub objective, with clear demarcation and delegation of responsibility to the concerned

·         Consult with University Committee for strategic plan, and external consultants

·         Prepare draft of plan and disseminate among the entire faculty for feedback, for incorporation in the final draft after discussion and approval.

·         Present the preliminary draft to University Committee for consultation and guidance.

·         Present to external consultants for feedback and guidance.

·         Present the strategic plan in stakeholders’ meeting.

·         Prepare the final draft, disseminate through college website, in addition to printed form.

·         Monitor, evaluate the implementation of the action plan, periodically, and keep the record of issues and problems faced; for alternate strategy to be planned, approved and implemented.

·        Review the Strategic plan annually for update/amendments if deemed necessary