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College of Clinical Pharmacy

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    The Experiential Education component of Pharm. D. program at COCP consists of 1920 contact hours. The Experiential Education spans over the curriculum where two 160-hour sessions of IPPE, i.e., IPPE-1 in community pharmacies after the second year and IPPE-2 in an institutional pharmacy at the end of third year are offered, while a 1600-hour experiential module as APPE is offered during fifth year after successful completion of all four year courses. All three experiential modules are designed to achieve defined learning objectives through certain activities and tasks which the student has to undertake, under close supervision and monitoring by the qualified preceptors. Manual of Experiential Education provides detailed guidance for the students and preceptors at training sites. An administrative unit Experiential Education Committee manages the experiential program.​​​​​​​​​