Tuesday 06/10/1442 - 18/05/2021

College of Clinical Pharmacy


Community Services


One of the goals and objectives of the college of clinical pharmacy is to fulfill the social commitments. The policy of the College of Clinical Pharmacy for community services stresses the implementation of certain activities that meet the College Mission. As pharmacists, we feel committed to educate the society about proper use of drugs, herbs and medicinal plants, misuse of drugs, narcotic drugs and smoking.  The community services of the college could be summarized in the following:

 Points of Strength:

1.     The college has sponsored a number of public lectures addressing issues of vital importance to the community.

2.     Faculty members in both male and female sections participate in surveys where significant community issues are addressed.

3.     Sponsoring a program for continuous education in collaboration with Al-Dawaa  and Al-Nahdi Pharmacy Chains.

4.     Organizing workshops in different area of specialties .

5.     The College organized "The 1st Stakeholders Meeting" where 30 institutions, related to the fields of Pharmacy and Clinical Pharmacy, were invited. Requirements, Strengths and credentials of the professional graduates were discussed keeping in view the job market and needs of the country.

6.     Many research projects are conducted by the college faculty members and students .

7.     Participation in a program against the epidemic diseases e.g. swine flu.

8.     Coordination and exchange of experiences with various institutes and other universities in Saudi Arabia e.g. King Saud University, Saudi FDA, and Saudi Council for Health Specialties.

9.     Advanced public relations and interaction with the patients through arrangement of many public lectures in order to increase the health awareness of the community e. g Rational use of drugs, Health foods, Obesity, Smoking etc.

10.  Active communication with the community through the college website, where the questions are answered by specialist faculty members and health advices is given to the individuals via e-mail.

11.  Cooperation with pharmaceutical companies including Saudi Pharmaceutical Industries & Medical Appliances (SPIMACO) in Al-Qassim, Jamjoom Pharmaceutical Company and Tabook Pharmaceutical Company .

12.  Good interaction with high school students to increase awareness regarding Pharmacy profession, Clinical Pharmacy, its role in community service and college admission system .

13.  College has offered on its website many useful links related to the public health to serve the community.

14.  The college has prepared a college handbook, which includes all the important information about the college. It is available on college Website and has been distributed to many high schools.

15.  Participation in the Award of Prince Mohammed bin Fahd for excellent governmental performance in 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010.

16.  In light of the standards set by American Council for pharmacy education (ACPE), College plans to get its accreditation to keep pace with the latest developments in clinical pharmacy. Any new developments in this regard are recorded and compiled. These are printed and distributed to faculty members.

17.  The renewal of the College membership in Scientific Society of Colleges of Pharmacy in the Arab world .

18.  Cooperation with the large scientific institutes e.g. the King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology through submitting and reviewing of several research projects.

19.  Cooperation with emergency administration in Al-Hasa and the Department of Safety and Security in the KFU in the implementation of a training plan for emergency evacuation to ensure the safety alarms and evacuation training on how to secure all employees of the college .