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King Faisal University

Admission and Registration

*Rewards and how to spend them
Rewards are paid to all regular, non-employee Saudi male and female students at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels, as well as students on external scholarships and students whose mothers are Saudis. The student rewards are deposited in their bank accounts and ATM cards are delivered to them through the college. The amount of the reward is for students of scientific studies (1000). Riyals and for students of literary departments (850) riyals.
The stipend continues to be paid during the regular period, which is the duration of the program scheduled for graduation according to the study plan approved by the University Council (for example: the regular period for the Faculty of Arts is four years). The regular period is calculated from the semester in which the student was accepted to the university, including the apology and transfer semesters and is not included in it. Postponing classes.
The reward for the student will be stopped from the date of the apology date.
The stipend is not paid to students who postpone the semester.
The reward is not paid to a student who received a warning, dropped out of school, or was expelled from school.
The stipend will not be paid to a King Faisal University student who has obtained the Deanship’s approval to study as a visitor at another university until his results are received and his results are monitored on the academic system.
(10) riyals are deducted from the stipend to the student fund every month.
If the student receives a warning, and the average is raised in the first semester, the stipend will be disbursed from the beginning of the second semester. For the second semester, the stipend is paid from the beginning of the summer semester.

*Reward delivery
King Faisal University, represented by the Deanship of Admission and Registration, is keen to disburse student awards on time. The reward disbursement will be announced on the deanship’s website.
The student can review the reward movement on his account in the banner by clicking on the rewards link and can review the reward record he has and its financial amounts. When you click on the details link, its financial details appear.
The student must take the initiative to receive the ATM card if he is a new student from the college to which he was accepted. Preparatory year students receive the card through the deanship of the preparatory year.

*Reward for excellence
Disbursement of the excellence reward is limited to Saudi undergraduate students, students with Saudi mothers, and foreign scholarship students.
A reward exceeding 1000 riyals is paid to students who obtain a semester average of (4.5) or above for two semesters during one year, and the excellence reward is deposited in the student’s account.

Students: Deanship of Admission and Registration in the University City, Building No. (1), Supporting Deanships.
Female students: Deanship of Admission and Registration, Building No. (37).

The student must contact the deanship if he is entitled to the reward and it is not credited to his account on the Banner system.