Wednesday 11/03/1442 - 28/10/2020

Student Affairs


Students Fund
  The Students Fund at King Faisal University regulates all the regular Saudi students at the University (male/female) and the owners of official scholarships. It enjoys financial and administrative independence under the supervision of the Board of Directors. It is directly linked to the President of the University.

The objectives of the Fund:
  Help students (male / female) to overcome their emergency problems either through subsidies or financial loans, or through programs for employment, according to the rules established by the Board of Directors of the Fund in this regard.
Provide some necessary services for students’ canteen and printing work, copying, photography, stationery and operational through the establishment of investment projects that offer these services and others at affordable prices.
Support student activities with the goals of religious, social, cultural, scientific, and sports, according to the regulations and rules set by the Board of Directors