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King Faisal University

Deanship of Student Affairs


Conditions and controls for the advance request:

1-The student requesting the advance must be a regular student of University during the semester in which the advance is requested.

2-must be one of the students who are paid stipends.

3-The reasons for the request for the advance should be convincing to the Deanship of Students Affairs.

4- The student should not be repaying a previous advance, or has obtained a subsidy during the same semester.

5-Attach official documents which support the need for the advance.

6-Fill out forms requesting the advance (a, b, c).

7- The student requesting the advance must come in person and may not be represented by another.

8-The student is not exempted from the advance. The students’ fund may take all means to recover the advance from the student.

Papers required to be attached:

Copy of University student card.

Copy of the national card.

Copy of the results of the last semester.

Certificate of punctuality during the semester.

The student is required to submit all papers which demonstrate the need for the advance.