Thursday 13/07/1442 - 25/02/2021

The departments


 Department of professors and personnel services

The services section to provide assistance and support for university employees and visitors and guests comment from government transactions and provide all the support and advice in the conduct of government transactions services.

One section tasks:

A-tasks to employees of the university to the saudis:

· issuance of new residences and renovation worker household and private driver

 · issuance of exit visas and the return of domestic workers and the private driver

 · final working visa for household and private driver version

 · issuance of diplomatic and special passports and renewal only

 · renewal of visas for diplomatic and special passports from the foreign ministry

    reviewing the embassies for the extraction of visas for some countries to attend conferences and      

    official functions

B - mission special non-saudi employees of the university:

· extract a new residencies and renewal of residence and set up their companions. And the granting of exit visas and promises them and their families, and visas (final) and the termination of deportation proceedings after the end of their studies​​