Tuesday 05/02/1442 - 22/09/2020

Deanship of Faculty Affairs


Deanship Activities

Based on King Faisal University aspiration to create academic, cultural, social and entertainment situations which will increase the belonging and loyalty of its members, which will lead to rise their performance.

Promotions and discounts

The Deanship of Faculty Affairs is always working to get some offers and discounts from some companies and private and public institutions. The Dean recent agreement with the companies and some private offices to provide excellent services to members of the faculty and reasonable prices. These companies are


Al-Ahsa intercontinental Hotel: Granting special discount, up to(35%) of the room price and the granting of special discount up to (10%) of the restaurant price. Al-Khobar meridian Hotel: Granting special discount, up to (28%) of the regular room price and up to (24%) of the Royal room price. And the hotel also grant discounts up to (17%) of the suites price with the addition of the specific characteristics of each suite


Al Mousa Hospital Granting special discount, up to (40%) on all types of services except for medicine and dental structures. Al Man’ Granting special discount, up to (40%) on all types of services Granting special discount, up to (40%) on all cosmetic treatments for the face and jaws and composition of fixed and mobile processors

Riyadh Bank (King Faisal University Branch)

Golden Service Center has been allocated at King Faisal University Branch, where providing excellent services to faculty members, regardless of the account type.

Other Services

In Addition to the administrative services provided to all staff of the university, the Deanship of Faculty affairs represented in Faculty and Personal service Department will end all governmental procedures for the faculty members and their families. For more information, contact internal Ext. No. 1141 for employees of the university in Al Hasa, or internal Ext. No. 2131 for employees of the University in Al Dammam