Saturday 22/07/1442 - 06/03/2021

Deanship of Faculty Affairs



HE is a faculty member Peace, mercy and blessings of God,,, We are pleased to welcome you at King Faisal University as a beacon of science and knowledge between your students and colleagues. We wish you a good stay among us and we are confident that you will be a true addition to the University from your commitment to regulations and rules of conduct to public appearance and contribution. The actor, through scientific activity and positive initiatives, in advancing the university's march towards improving and developing the outputs of education. In order to promote the outputs of the university, we always seek to attract the best academic, administrative and technical skills that have undermined the basis of excellence and excellence in scientific institutions. There is no doubt that the university is witnessing a qualitative leap, pioneering plans and programs, and the important faculties of health, science and humanities, and what every follower of serious endeavor to achieve the requirements of quality and academic accreditation reflects the university's keenness and management to translate the aspirations of good leadership into reality. Contributes to the advancement and renaissance of the homeland and the building of man, which is the center of development and its main engine. All of these ambitions require us to mobilize the values ​​of commitment, professionalism, responsibility, accountability and belonging to the institution. All this is, God willing, a motive for more giving and giving.

                      Dean of Faculty Members

                    Prof. Mohammed  S. Alzahrani