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King Faisal University

Deanship of Faculty Affairs

Department of Administrative Communications


   The Department of Administrative Communications coordinates the transfer of documents among the departments of the deanship as well as between the deanship and the various administrations and colleges of the university.

Among the responsibilities of the department are:

1. Following up on circulars and administrative decisions issued by the various agencies at the university.2. Sending and receiving the deanship's incoming and outgoing administrative mail.
3. Delivering mail, photocopying and typing.4. Receiving the deanship's incoming mail and delivering it to the relevant departments in the deanship.
5. Organizing the receipt and registration of administrative documents on the archiving system and referring them to the agencies concerned along with the respective services.6. Arranging and cataloging documents electronically on the e-archiving system    and archiving copies of all the administrative documents or items of correspondence issued.