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King Faisal University

Deanship of Faculty Affairs

Department of Archives

       The Department of Archives undertakes doing all the tasks pertaining to keeping the issued documents, decision letters and copies related to faculty and administrative personnel. It also conducts all the procedures for e-archiving.

Among the responsibilities of the department are:

1.Protecting and keeping various documents in their allocated places.2.Encoding documents to classify them for easy retrieval upon request.
3.Creating various registers to record all incoming and outgoing documents and classifying them as per their significance.4.Documenting information and papers on special cards to locate and organize them as well as setting a clear mechanism for the circulation of these documents.
5.Drawing up and retaining catalogues of the files and the entities that use them at the university. 6.Taking periodic inventory of files and information, and monitoring circulation and handling of them.
7.Working on the development of modern methods in documentation, archiving and retention systems, and activating the use of modern technologies and equipment to facilitate the process of retention and retrieval.8.Utilizing appropriate safes and cabinets, with special labels that describe the file type, to keep documents.
9.Being in charge of any other tasks or jurisdiction domains assigned to the department by the dean.