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King Faisal University

Deanship of Faculty Affairs

Department of Contracting

The Department of Contracting works as an entity for recruiting and contracting faculty members. It furnishes the university with outstanding cadres with qualifications from the world's most prestigious universities

Among the responsibilities of the department are:

1.    Following-up on the needs of university colleges for non-Saudi faculty members and persons of equivalent status.2.    Entering into the necessary contracts with newly contracted faculty members and persons of equivalent status.
3.    Referring requests for the approval of granting the university work visas to the Ministry of Higher Education.4.    Sending the necessary job offers to the faculty members and persons of equivalent status who have been nominated to work at the university.
5.    Issuing visas for visiting faculty members invited by the university to avail of their academic expertise.6.    Preparing newly contracted faculty members' payment orders for the furnishing allowance, the housing allowance and suchlike.
7.    Coordinating with the Ministry of Civil Service on the approval of contracting non-Saudi faculty members to fill some jobs as per the directive of the Ministry of Higher Education regarding the above coordination.8.    Obtaining visas for newly contracted faculty members and their families from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs after getting the approval of the Ministry of Higher Educa
9.    Corresponding with the respective Saudi cultural attaches to complete the recruitment procedures and issuing entry visas and flight ticket letters for non-Saudi candidate faculty members.10. Liaising with Saudi cultural attaches abroad on the reception of deans of colleges to conduct the necessary personal interviews with the candidate faculty mem
11. Coordinating between colleges and the Administration of Public Relations on the reception of new faculty and their families as well as providing the necessary and appropriate accommodations.12. Drawing up respective letters to do the necessary medical tests for newly contracted faculty members and their families to obtain work permits.
13. Checking with newly contracted faculty and assisting them in having full access to the benefits and services of the university, through the issuance of the employee ID card and registration in the Administration of Medical Services, the Central Library of the University and the Center of Information Technology.14. Issuing the necessary letters and certificates for newly contracted faculty to facilitate their meeting such personal needs as renting a home, registering a car, and getting a phone number.