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King Faisal University

Deanship of Faculty Affairs

Department of Personnel


      Department of Personnel is in charge of providing human resources from various specializations for the university's colleges, deanships and administrations. In addition, it implements all the rules and regulations pertinent to personnel affairs.

Among the tasks of the department are:

1. Issuing decisions of the appointment of staff of the categories of permanent, manual and wage-clause workers.2. Issuing decisions of employment ending owing to early retirement, statutory retirement, and resignations of university staff.
3. Issuing decisions of off-campus assignment of university staff.4. Issuing decisions of standing committees' rewards for university staff.
5. Issuing decisions of due allowances for certain categories of personnel.6. Issuing decisions of assignment of administrative posts for university staff.
7. Receiving letters of complaints and summons addressed to university staff from police stations, legal courts, or suchlike, referring them to the staffer concerned, and preparing responses to them.8. Issuing decisions of university staff's various kinds of leaves, namely the annual leave, the casual leave, the sick leave, the emergency leave, the sporting leave, the maternity leave, and the family-company leave.
9. Issuing bona fide certificates and experience certificates for university staff.10. Issuing flight ticket letters for university staff.
11. Issuing decisions of national and international training rewards for university staff.12. Issuing decisions of commissioning university staffers to work overtime.
13. Preparing official letters and internal referrals of the documents that entail so.14.  Issuing decisions of penal deduction, letters of warning, and letters of reprimand for university staff.
15. Checking the hours and days of staff absence from work when they are received from the Administration of Employee Timekeeping, and referring them to the Department of Payments and Salaries for deduction from the salary.