King Faisal University

General Administration of Human Resources

 Vision and Objectives

  Vision                                                                                                                                                                                                          Creating an ideal working environment for excellence in providing services to the employees of the university


    Striving for excellence in providing services to contribute to the aspirations of the university towards effective  

     management through outstanding work performance standards


      · Transparency and Integrity

      · Work accuracy and high quality of service

      · Effective management

      · Relentless pursuit of information technology in human resources


       · The achievement of a comprehensive quality standards and the requirements of institutional accreditation for the         


       · The application of information systems in human resources and in the intranet

       · The creation of a working environment based on integrity, transparency and job satisfaction 

       · The achievement of effective management through the development of administrative procedures and 

          structuring, developing and retaining human resources​​​​