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King Faisal University

General Administration of Libraries

Beneficiary Services Guide
Based on the identity of King Faisal University and its strategic plan 2020-2024, which revolves around supporting science, knowledge, sustainable development, and knowledge investment in all fields, all emanating from the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 and the aspirations of the wise leadership, the Deanship of Library Affairs at King Faisal University always seeks excellence in providing sources of knowledge in a Keeping pace with the changes of the times and harmonizing with the digital transformation projects taking place in all sectors of the university, with the aim of providing information and knowledge to all beneficiaries of the university’s students and researchers as well as visitors from outside the university, which will help them, God Almighty willing, in passing their academic and research journey.

1-Loan service
3- Self-return
4- Search the library catalogue
5-Electronic databases
6- Request a training program from the deanship
7- Request a document from the British Library
8-Electronic disclaimer
9-Electronic copying
10- Research retreats
11- Hall reservations
12- Use of the computer lab
13-Children’s Library
14-Reference services
15- Internal access
16-External visits
17- Services for persons with disabilities
18-Citation detection program (turnitin ithenticate)
A guide to the services provided by the Central Library to all members of society