Thursday 26/06/1441 - 20/02/2020

Deanship of Library Affairs


 Vision, Mission and Goals

Our Vision:
To serve as King Faisal University inlet to knowledge community and universal window.

Our Mission:
To serve the university and external community throughout excellence in providing different information resources and ease its access and utilization.

The Goals:
1. To provide different educational information resources to assist the process of excellent education. It also provide information for research and applied purposes related to community interest. 
2. To build and maintain capacities that improve and preserve the information resources.
3. To enable accessing of high quality efficient information resources and services to enhance remote and continuous education. 
4. To manage efficiently the human resources of the deanship.
5. To enhance the self-education process and effectively engage in the educational process.
6. To cooperate with different information providers and sites of interest. In addition to serving the community by training, continuous education and enhancing information awareness.