Monday 25/05/1441 - 20/01/2020

Deanship of Library Affairs




 Dean's Message


On behalf of all members of KFU's Deanship of Libraries, I would like to welcome everyone to central facility in the university and our website. 
This site is organized in an easy and inviting platform to enable University beneficiaries' access to their entire academic and research related information resources. This should have a great impact on providing educational, academic and research requirements for all university members.

For University non-member beneficiaries, there are large resources collection that can be accessed and used through the Library according to Intellectual property rights. 
Deanship of Libraries policy is to diversify its information sources, both printed and electronic, to cover all fields of knowledge. This helps in executing the University's community partnership and becoming a distinguished model central library that supports educational and research activities of the University and the Kingdom. 

The Central Library established new services in a specialized hall equipped with modern facilities for blind and visually impaired persons. This should allow for equal opportunity to access knowledge and information.  
The library is open to community members on Saturdays where a special hall is designated for families and children.

Dean of Library affairs