Sunday 08/03/1442 - 25/10/2020

Preparatory Year Program

About Deanship

In 02/21/1430 H, Excellency Minister of Higher Education approved the establishment of the Preparatory Year Deanship at King Faisal University Al-Ahsa, KSA. Deanship has sought to achieve several goals since its inception, including:

* Making students proficient in the general principles of the English and Arabic languages; reading, communicating and writing.

* Making students use computer programs and their applications, retrieve information from databases, utilize electronic sources, and use the library optimally through the use of the Internet.

* Giving students the ability to solve basic mathematical problems, logically analyze problems, and demonstrate knowledge of the foundations of the basic sciences, according to the track in the Preparatory Year.

* Developing students’ ability and skill in the life sciences, natural and administrative, which form the basis for success in their future education and career.

* Helping students to integrate into the university community and actively participate in cultural, social and sports activities.

* Supporting students’ ambition for academic excellence.

* Developing self-learning skills, ability to analyze and collaborative learning.

* Helping students to invest their intellectual energies better.

* Developing the skill of public life, relationships, communication and personal planning.