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King Faisal University

Preparatory Year Program

ELC - About Us

The English Language Centre (ELC) is a dynamic part of the Preparatory Year Deanship. The ELC has the responsibility of planning and executing the English language components of all the academic colleges (excluding the College of Medicine, College of Clinical Pharmacy, College of Computer and Information Technology). The ELC provides language instruction in the form of service courses to students at the King Faisal University, and strives to maintain the highest standards of English language teaching.

Specifically devised to meet the demands of business, state and industry, the ELC courses are offered in the first and second semesters in the Colleges of Agriculture, Applied Medical Sciences, Arts, Business, Education, Engineering, Science, and Veterinary Medicine. The ELC course syllabi undergo continuous review and revision so as to be evaluated for their effectiveness and for the degree to which they meet the learners' needs, levels and abilities. The goal is to address and fulfill the academic, technical and career needs of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The ELC is headed by a Director with the help of an Assistant Coordinator. They are supported by language instructors who possess a broad spectrum of educational backgrounds, experiences and qualifications, and who are responsible for the smooth implementation of the academic courses.