Sunday 08/03/1442 - 25/10/2020

Preparatory Year Program

English 1708-103 (Scientific English)
College of Science
English 1708-103 (Scientific English)

This course develops the student's ability in the areas of reading, writing, and structure with emphasis on aspects pertinent to scientific usage in general and, Specifically, to areas of specified topics (e.g., chemistry and biology). The students continue to work on primary reading skills (scanning, skimming, etc.), while increasing the range of specific vocabulary. Basic writing skills are expanded, while attention is given to writing comparisons, descriptions, explanation and definitions, especially as pertinent to scientific usage.

Course Objectives

The course intends to:

  • Expose students to written exams.
  • Cover grammatical, lexical and other features related to scientific writing.
  • Practice study skills activities.
Textbook :

English for Science. By Suleiman Mazyed