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Preparatory Year Program

Guidance and Counseling Unit

Introduction :

Based on the philosophy of higher education and religious values and ethics, these aim to help students in developing of their personalities in all aspects and dimensions across the developmental, educational and different stages. The guidance and counseling unit is found to achieve social adaptation and bringing them to an appropriate level of mental and psychological h​ealth to be active citizens and productive members to meet their needs and the needs of society.

As the educational process is not simply the transfer and delivering of information and scientific knowledge, but it is concerned with the growth of the student's personality and integrity in all its aspects and dimensions. Therefore, guidance and counseling services in the Deanship of the preparatory year complete and supply the educational process and it is an important part that cannot be separated at all. Moreover, it contributes to the student's personality development of all its dimensions and to achieve the objectives of the educational process in the right way. The Deanship of PYP introduce a special unit for guiding and counseling students and form a committee headed by a competent , professional and qualified guide to provide guidance and counseling services for students in PYP.

The direction and guidance of university is an urgent need for students to recognize and understand their values, their attitudes and their own ideas. There should be an adoption of a psychological relaxation for students and workers, so that the educational institution shall be the safe place for university students, and through them acquire aware of his abilities in encountering and solving the problems in his life. There is no doubt that every student is facing and having difficulties and challenges in his life. Students deal with these difficulties in different ways, sometimes they are helped by their families, friends, institutions or private services.

In this sense, it was necessary to establish a unit of guidance and counseling in the Deanship of the preparatory year in order to provide advice on scientific basis. In addition, the unit seeks to employ the positive energies of the students through the implementation of special programs to equip them with certain life skills to help them perform their duties in life easily. It also gives them immunity against the risk of harmful behaviors, whether of the individual or the community.


Support students of the PYP with high-quality service in guiding and counseling.

The message:

Provide guiding and counseling service for the students of the preparatory year through specialized programs to help them enhance the academic and personal abilities and discover their potentials and that is in order to assist the University in achieving scientific and educational goals.

General Unit Objectives:

The overall objective:

Help the student to develop his character from all psychological, social, behavioral, professional and cognitive aspects and to achieve adaptation.

Objectives of the educational guidance:
  • Self-directed development of the student's skills and access to its degree of awareness and to explore the same abilities and capacities. And to provide direction, guidance and personal development services.
  • Help students to understand himself and understand the circumstances, reality and the environment around him, so that it can cope with life problems and overcome them.
  • facilitate aspects of the natural growth of the student and help him to achieve the maximum psychological and social maturity.
  • To achieve compatibility and to achieve psychological and mental health between the individual and his environment.
  • Provide a safe environment for students to help them adapt to university life.
  • develop students' skills in self-dependence, commitment and responsibility.
  • Developing dealing with various academic and psychological stress and social skills.
  • Provide workshops helping students acquire the necessary skills in their university.
  • promote mental and physical health and comprehensive care.
  • provide students with personal and social skills that enable them to be away from problems and provide students with the skills to solve problems and make decisions. To get the ability of problem solving.
  • improve the educational process and the education of the student through raising motivation and achievement of educational values, taking into consideration the individual differences.
  • Develop the student's behaviors positively and modify the negative behaviors.
  • help the student to improve their talents and creative abilities.
  • help students to choose the careers and vocations according to their professional abilities in light of the needs of society and the labor market.
These goals can be achieved through the following guidance functions:

-Put the structural development: enrichment of the student's knowledge in the concept of self of the world around him, and the acquisition of social behavior skills and develop positive attitudes towards himself and towards others.

-Preventive function: including the development of the potentials of the students in order to avoid the problems and develop the capabilities to deal with different situations.

-Therapeutic Position: include providing technical assistance for the student to solve problems and overcome them and help him on the same steering and overcome the future difficulties by him and these functions include through the provision of guiding services as following:

-Individual counseling: This service is offered to students who are looking for this type of service where they can discuss and debate any issue with specialists. In case of the need for alternative service, it is discussed and transformed to the specialists.

-Therapeutic group counseling: This service is offered at different times throughout the year. And each group is handled by specialists with experience in the same subject. Groups are usually small numbers of students to have the opportunity for each one to talk.

Guiding work techniques:
  • Interview guidelines.
  • The case study.
  • Group meetings and collective preventive and constructive guidance.
  • Family counseling through interviewing parents of students.
  • Vocational guidance and counseling.
  • hold lectures, seminars and workshops.
  • Educational and professional publications.
  • Local environment service.
  • Studies and research.

By common planning between the unit and students, members and parents, the guiding and counseling unit members identify the needs of students and develop guiding and counseling programs that lead to meet these needs within the university environment. These programs should be parallel with the educational process. Guiding programs are to be motivating preventive goals of the students according to their journeys and the developmental and educational needs of the university environment by which it aims to developed preventive guidance and counseling :

  • Distributing awareness in the university environment.
  • improving academic achievement.
  • adapting and achieving an appropriate level of mental and psychological health.
  • activating vocational guidance.
  • Studies and Research.
  • Preventive developmental guidance.
  • Health education and family counseling.
Guidance and counseling unit programs:

First, the educational guidance:

The unit is to provide counseling, guidance and opportunities for students to apply and practice the strategies that have been learned. To improve the level of academic success:

a.Study Skills: Help students to develop and practice effective means, ways of study, effective educational methods and skills of higher thinking, which are important for success in college.

B.Time management: helping students in forming the work size, follow-the process of the students in planning the week and their timetables and determine the degree to which they deserve.

C.Listening and recording notes: help students to make them active listeners and learners, and to get an accurate diary management with special attention to the main ideas and put their memos and their order.

D.Reading: Students must be aware that reading may be the most effort for them to work and almost every one of them find it difficult to accomplish the required reading size.

E.Concentrating and distracting of thoughts: Most students complain about the distracting of thoughts, inability to concentrate and a sense that they do not work at all "as efficiently as they wish.

F.Exam preparation: help university students to know how to study effectively.

J.Help in learning: that most students find their academic requirements at the University represents a great challenge for them. It will help the university guidance and counseling center in the development and promotion of academic abilities of students to the level of efficiency.

G.The education of students who are disabled or disability: Students who suffer from learning disabilities or physical chronic inability to obtain vocational education by coordination with the counseling and guidance of university center / Deanship of Student Affairs.

Second, psychological counseling:

Help students solve their problems, develop self-awareness and overcome the problems by using new strategies.
General Subjects, which are included- but they are is not limited to - the following:

  • Anxiety and tension.
  • Depression.
  • Physical health.
  • Loss and deprivation.
  • Family.
  • Respect one self.
  • Learning difficulties.
  • Drug problems and addiction.
  • Academic performance.
  • Compatibility and adaptation in the university environment.

Third: medical treatment:

The unit sends students to the appropriate doctor in cases that require that.


Dear student be convinced that everything that happens inside the unit of guidance and all the talk that is going on between you and the counselor stays inside the room secretly and confidentially, there is no fear of reviewing the unit for the subject you want to talk about.

The counselor of the guidance and counseling unit
Mr. Yousef Massadeh
2nd floor. Room No. 3018
Extension: 6834