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King Faisal University

Preparatory Year Program

Vision and goals
A stimulating, pioneering and distinguished academic environment to develop students’ abilities and skills to integrate into the university community.

*the message
Preparing students, raising their level of knowledge, skills, and linguistics, giving them the necessary values ​​through advanced, technical educational methods that belong to the future, and expanding the community partnership system.

Improving colleges’ input from students at the academic level.
Developing qualified educational paths and programs for the future.
Encouraging students to actively participate in community partnership activities and programs.
Providing resources, capabilities and modern, high-quality technical means to achieve a distinguished educational environment.
Developing the basic English language skills of university students in its various colleges.
Preparing students to adapt to university life and encouraging them to be creative and innovative.
Improving scientific production and supporting research activity directed to achieving the university’s identity.
Adopting standard practices to improve spending efficiency.
Continuous development of the university education system.