Sunday 08/03/1442 - 25/10/2020

Preparatory Year Program

Students commitments

It is expected from the student(s) in the Deanship of the Preparatory Year to be committed to conduct academic and moral right path, away from pursuing any methods or means of fraudulent or dishonest in order to achieve personal or academic benefits or privileges, it may take several forms including the following:

Compliance with regulations and instructions

- According to article (II) of the Rules of discipline of students at King Faisal University is that every violation on the regulations and traditions of the university disciplinary offense in order to devote themselves to the collection of scientific approach.
- So I pledge to the obligation not to depart from the rules and regulations, traditions and customs university in any way within and outside the university, not committing the violations stipulated in Article (II) of the Rules of discipline of students at the university.

Mechanism for resolving problems

- As the University strives to solve problems of students through the Department of college or university administration and without access to the members of the faculty or of their rule even devote themselves to the academic performance of the tasks entrusted to them and in order to solve the problems of the students easily and by competent administrative authorities.
- I pledge to be communicative to any matter related to student only through the Dean of the Preparatory Year or his representative or the university administration.

Commitment not to smoke

- Given the damage caused by smoking to physical and psychological health, pollution of the atmosphere and the environment, whether within or outside the university, as well as what may cause, God forbid, the risk of fires, in addition to being a bad habit not consistent with the traditions of our religion and our Arabian traditional custom.
- So I pledge the commitment not to smoke in the building of the preparatory year and before the gates or within the walls of the university. In the event that I am subject to disciplinary punishment that may be decided by the university's disciplinary committee for me, this may amount to dismissal from the university.

Homework - articles and other academic activities of the other

A - Plagiarism: the use of vocabulary, ideas or opinions or research results or offers someone else in the duty of an editorial, without mentioning the source, and if the action than not the student (s) him/herself.
B - Complicity: working with others in the performance of certain duties and is intended to be completed depends on one person, and the inclusion of their work within the work of this student (s).
C - Switch: The delivery of the work has been done to one of the decisions to Professor other decision. other decision.
D - Fabrication: fabrication or distortion of data obtained from real sources and legitimate.
E – Taking information from the Internet: Taking information from sites without using the scientific method in transport, quotation and reference to the source (website).


- Cheating by student(s), or attempted cheating from another student(s), or to allow the other student(s) to cheat from his/her work or the answer sheet by any means, knowingly or unknowingly
- The use of the Code of the observations of any kind when you answer in the exam does not allow using the books in it, or use of technical means to cheat like jawal (mobile).
- Impersonating another student(s) in a test or in a panel discussion, presentations or other.
- Access by illegal means to the papers or answers of tests or distribution of such these papers or answers to others.
- Talking during the tests/exams or trying to create chaos and failing to follow invigilator instructions in the test/exam room, including hand signals or gestures to physical movement and stare dramatically.

Rate/Grade required to pass the preparatory year and the continued acceptance of the faculty

- I know that my acceptance of the continuation of faculties (accepted by initially) conditioned by finishing all decisions of the preparatory year and experienced a cumulative average of not less than (3 out of 5 at the end of the program for the academic year on) and not less appreciation happening in every decision of the English language for a good estimate (C) and I'll do my best to achieve the required rate/grade.

Communication with the Deanship

- I pledge to use the official channels to communicate with the Deanship of the Preparatory Year for academic affairs and system, be responsible for follow-up to what comes out of Dean, both on the website or through electronic advertising screens or through e-mails or bulletin boards, or other means of advertising within the Deanship of the Preparatory Year, and pledge to use software available to connect with the university teachers.