Sunday 08/03/1442 - 25/10/2020

Preparatory Year Program

Vision and Goals

A student graduates with a high degree of excellence and prepares for undergraduate academic study with competence and integrated personality.


To produce community members with the required skills and foundations necessary to become students in higher education, specifically at King Faisal University.

Our way in the preparatory year
  • Dependence on effective learning and training by providing the means of modern technology.
  • Take care of students character mentally, psychologically and physically, and diligence in meeting all requirements.
  • Strive to integrate in an atmosphere of learning and teamwork in the university community.
  • Creating exquisite creative means to achieve the desired objectives of the program.
The objectives of the Preparatory Year
  • Support students’ aspiration in academic excellence.
  • Make students fluent in English.
  • Prepare students to use the main computer programs and applications,and retrieve information from databases and back to Electronic sources and optimal use of the library using the Internet.
  • Giving students the ability to solve basic mathematical problems and logical analysis of the problems and demonstrate familiarity with the fundamentals of basic sciences, according to the track in the preparatory year.
  • Improve students' abilities and their skills in life,nature and administrative sciences,which is the basis for their success in their academic and career future.
  • Helping students to integrate into the university community and the active participation in cultural, social and sports activities.
  • Develop the skills of self-education, communication and ability to analyze and collaborative learning.
  • Develop the skills of public life and relationships and communication and personal planning.
The importance of the preparatory year
  • Forms the basis for the establishment of the university's march towards excellence and quality.
  • A way to improve performance and streamlining specializations by early detection.
  • Raises the academic level and focus on practical applications.
  • Bridges the knowledge and skill gap between the school and the university.