Wednesday 11/03/1442 - 28/10/2020

Deanship of Development and Quality Assurance


Vision Statement     

To be a source of enrichment that exports the best university education practices of development and quality


Mission Statement

To work responsibly towards achieving the highest level of  university education and improving the educational practices to assure the University's competitiveness and institutional excellence


Deanship Objectives

      1. Estimating the training needs, planning and mentoring the training programs offered to the University cadres.
      2. Proposing programs and policies for the development and preparation of training programs that contribute to developing and improving leadership, academic and administrative capabilities that enhance the quality of university education.
      3. Providing suggestions and consultations on the university's strategies and priorities for program accreditation, supervising the university's institutional accreditation program, and defining its requirements.
      4. Providing consultations and support to the quality units of different colleges and departments in all issues of quality and its applications.
      5. Proposing the work plan to achieve the requirements of the NCAAA approved by sectors responsible for implementing it.
      6. Providing support to the various university colleges to achieve program accreditation from local and international corporations in addition to coordinating with relevant external bodies.
      7. Dissemination of quality culture among university cadres, applying the relevant standards, and measuring the impact on the university's practical and educational outcomes.
      8. Coordinating between university colleges and the NCAAA to achieve quality and academic accreditation requirements
      9. Setting development plans to employ e-learning technologies that serve the university educational process at.
      10. Adopting qualitative educational initiatives that may contribute to achieve the highest levels of excellence in the field of teaching and learning.
      11. Launching multi-track awards for excellence to motivate the excellency of the university cadres.