Tuesday 16/02/1441 - 15/10/2019

Deanship of Development and Quality Assurance

Deanship of Quality Assurance and Academic Accreditation Duties

 1. Commitment to improve the quality and its development through: 

 - Establish the basic concepts and strategies for quality assurance in the university.

 - Contribute to the support and guidance to various units of the university for academic accreditation.

 - Promote a culture of quality among the members of the university through effective means.

 - Promoting awareness for staff of the University about the quality assurance importance and knowledge of strategies to achieve them.

 - Develop the concept of (the letter) and the concept of (objectives) in order to improve the quality of the university and to encourage all university colleges, departments and deanships to do similar actions in their respective fields.

 - The involvement of clients and beneficiaries of the activities of the University in the development of strategies for quality assurance, and to raise awareness of the significant achievements of members of the university achieved.

 2. Support and assistance to academic departments and administrative units to improve and achieve its quality plans, and this includes: 

 - The definition of administrative and academic university units requirements and all steps to achieve quality and academic accreditation.

 - Providing appropriate training and organization for the teaching strategies and assessment processes for different types of learning outcomes observed.

 - Collaborate with colleges and deanships at the university to provide outreach and support programs necessary to achieve quality assurance strategies.

 - Develop and accredit standard forms (formal) used for the purposes of surveys and reports on indicators of quality.

 - Education and operations referendum employers and graduates, and models for the characterization of the program and disciplines, and other reports in general

 - Providing technical support to achieve validity and reliability of the tasks on the calibration and calibration surveys.

 - Continuous communication with clients and beneficiaries of the activities of the university, and seeking the views and taking their recommendations concerning the development of quality.

 - Providing resources and dissemination of information on developments relating to quality assurance and accreditation, within and outside the Kingdom to keep up with recent developments in the evolution of quality.

3. Assistance in the preparation of plans for improvement of self-evaluation mechanisms and prepare the necessary reports for colleges and deanships and the various departments at the university.

4. Develop comprehensive strategies for the University to achieve quality assurance according to the following: 

- Develop a plan to improve quality in the university as a whole while providing a guide to procedures and the process of improving the overall quality.

 - Identification of main indicators of the performances for the university collages and deanships and addition to its own indicators sets before.

- Preparation of systems and methods of collecting information and reporting model for all the performances together with statements of indicators for analysis and preparation of decisions.

- Save the files and records, reports, plans and other institutional information for reference from time to time, and follow up improvement plans and monitor implementation and evaluate success.

5. Training of staff in the university and provide the necessary support: 

- Coordination and supervision of the preparations for the institutional and programmatic accreditation.

 - Identification of performance indicators and ways to achieve them.

 - Continuous assessment to ensure the quality of academic and administrative units at the university.

 - To provide feedback to the various units of the university and the statement of the level of customer satisfaction and expectations of the university.

 - The establishment of reciprocal relations between the university and local and global institutions and organizations related to quality and accreditation.

6. Coordination and supervision of the preparation and the preparation of periodic calibration of the University and colleges, and units of the accreditation and use for the purposes of external evaluation.

7. Periodic quality evaluation (annual) for the units in the university: 

 - A random sample of indicators.

 - Control the indicators data.

 - Analysis of the deanship data and proposals the necessary work.

 - Supervision and control of models as the annual reports on programs and curricula to ensure that prepared by the specialists.​​