Monday 30/08/1442 - 12/04/2021

Deanship of Scientific Research


 Dean's Message

There is no doubt that scientific research is essential pillar in the development of nations. Scientific research is also considered a pivotal university role as it affects and is affected by the offered undergraduate and graduate academic programs. With this in mind, and based on the assumed role of KFU administration, represented by the office of vice rector for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research, KFU has consistently supported various research programs designed to utilize the creativity and enthusiasm of its faculty members and researchers to encourage, foster, and support innovations and creative ideas. In this context, KFU allocates annual budget to support research proposals of faculty members and researchers. In addition, and based on the  on its duty to educate and train the young researchers, the Deanship of Scientific Research (DSR) offers research grants to graduate as well as undergraduate students.  

The staff and members of the deanship are all allocating their efforts to achieve these goals. The deanship will continue to cooperate with its partners to improve procedures and policies to ease their activities and achieve the best use of facilities and human resources.
Thank you
Dr. Abdullah Moussa Alzahrani
Dean of Scientific Research