Monday 30/08/1442 - 12/04/2021

Deanship of Scientific Research


 Vision, Mission and Goals

Develop the culture of producing original scientific research that aims to build a knowledge-based economy with a priority for community needs.

Develop research system that motivate innovation and creativity leading toward producing quality research products that support the national goal of knowledge-based economy, and adopt transfer of modern research technologies that allow us to participate in the development and prosperity of the local and international communities.

1. Support Scientific Research incorporeally and financially and seeking to diversify their resources.
2. Contribute to the development of the scientific research infrastructure with latest technologies to convoy international standards.
3. Develop an efficient legislation for scientific research at KFU to fortify innovation, competency and creativity.
4. Encourage creative research that leads to international patents and publications.
5. Adopt distinguished researchers and provide them with professional training in standard procedures and practices of scientific research. 
6. Record the scientific achievements in global databases to boost researchers and university ranking. 
7. Reinforce collaboration with leading local, regional and global institutes.
8. Contribute to meet challenges that convoy the development in the Kingdome by proposing and supporting priorities in the context of national development plans.
9. Modify practices and procedures of the DSR in compliance with accreditation requirements.